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by William Shakespeare
directed by Jonathan Bank


This rarely performed romance may have been co-authored; Shakespeare scholars generally attribute only Acts III - V to the bard.

Much of the play was enjoyable and comprehensible even to the younger audience members.  Pericles carries much of the play and David Mazzeo meets the role.  He moves convincingly from Prince to fugitive, lover to grieving father.  Lisa M. Bostnar, playing several roles, is best in her scenes as Thiassa.  She and Mazzeo convey a strong, instant attraction, often taken on faith between young lovers in Shakespeare's plays, but here thoroughly believable.  In an interesting casting choice, she plays both the incestuous daughter and Marina, the virtuous daughter of Pericles and Thiassa

Mark Alan Gordon succeeded as a bawd, the mistress of the brothel, and this lent hilarity to Marin's line, "Are you a woman?"  Gordon was also delightful as King Simonides, particularly when he pretended to oppose the match between his daughter and Pericles, then sent them to bed in haste.

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