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by William Shakespeare
directed by Liz Shipman


Immediately, Liz Shipman finds that the emotional center revolves around Hermia and Helena and Sherri Pullum and Renée Bucciarelli give it fiery energy.  What goes on between them is almost hand-to-hand combat, but there is so much good humor between the actresses that you have to admire their blows and share the astonishment of Demetrius (Andrew Oswald) and Lysander (Cyrus Farmer) at their wit, ingenuity and terrific willpower.  Watching the battle between these women is great pleasure, and enlightening.

John Flaherty's Bottom is an inspired creation who in the woods with Titania produces a marvelous donkey sound when he laughs and who, as Pyramus, is a fine frazzled fussbudget.  And John McCarthy as Flute taking the role of Thisbe has an almost musical instinct about how to make intonation change the most ordinary words into little explosions of laughter.

D.J.R. Bruckner, The New York Times

When talent and directions were in sync, there was some terrific magic happening on stage.  Most smashing were the dueling ingénues, and they were so good that this was practically the Hermia and Helena show.  Sherri Pullum and Renée Bucciarelli glowed, glowered, and shone as they spoke the dialogue with heartbreaking clarity, and were gorgeously funny besides.

Nearly as successful was Andrew Stewart-Jones's Puck.  With his horns and pointed ears, this Puck reveled with evil glee at the tribulations of mortals as he moved, sinuously, among them.  The surefire comedy of the Mechanicals' rehearsal was led by John Flaherty's Bottom, with Bill Roulet, Phillip Douglas, Noel Arthur, Joe Ryan, and John McCarthy giving good support.  (Roulet was also exactly right as Egeus.)

Shipman also made magic with the Fairies (Tatiana Gomberg, Jovinna Chan, Angela Liao, Fonta Hadley, Josephine Wan, Lucie Chin, Olivia Virta, and Izzy Finkelstein), most particularly at the end when they became fireflies.  It was an absurdly simple theatrical trick, but their movements combined with the lovely costumes were enchanting.  And Oberon's henchmen (Eddie Boroevich, Achilles Vatrikas, and Joe Hamel) accomplished quite a lot without saying a word.  Deborah Wright Houston's Titania was well-spoken.

The gorgeous costumes (Deborah Hertzberg) were exactly right all around, and the simply appointed set (Dan Nichols) easily made the necessary scenic adjustments mostly through Nichols' s lighting.  Joe Ryan's music was delightful.

David Mackler, Off-Off Broadway Review





Chris Gonzalez Denzer


Yvonne Marchese*


Bill Roulet*


Achilles Vatrikas


Eddie Boroevich,
Joe Hamel

Athenian Girls

Tatiana Gomberg,
Izzy Finkelstein,
Olivia Wooden Virta



Andrew Oswald*
Alex Roe (9/2-3/2000)


Cyrus Farmer


Sherri Pullum*


Renée Bucciarelli*


Peter Quince

Phillip Douglas*

Nick Bottom

John Flaherty*

Robin Starveling

Bill Roulet*

Tom Snout

Noel Arthur


Joe Ryan

Francis Flute

John McCarthy*


Oberon's Court


Jon Fordham


Andrew Stewart-Jones

Oberon's Henchman

Eddie Boroevich,
Joe Hamel,
Achilles Vatrikas

Titania's Court


Deborah Wright Houston*


Tatiana Gomberg


Jovinna Chan


Angela Liao


Fonta Hadley


Josephine Wan*


Lucie Chin


Olivia Virta

Changeling Boy

Izzy Finkelstein

*Member of Actors' Equity Association (AEA)


Assistant Director/

Amy Schwartzman Brightbill

Stage Manager

Bernadette Brownell

Assistant Stage Manger

Sabrina Yocono

Acting Coach

Ray Virta*

Costume Designer

Deborah Hertzberg

Wardrobe Mistress

Nesha Sellers

Properties Manager

Lucie Chin

Set & Lighting Designer

Dan Nichols

First Folio Consultant

Janus Auman

Fight Choreographer Lucie Chin
Sound Design Alex Roe, Joe Ryan
Composer Joe Ryan
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