Shakespeare for Everyone


Prospect Park

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by William Shakespeare
directed by Steve Zimmer & Shauna Vey


A dozen actors, some in Renaissance dress, others in sweat or street clothes, were practicing the funeral procession which opens their production of the comedy, All's Well That Ends Well.  Singing, the actors marched around to the beat of choreographer Liz Shipman's makeshift drum, a red wooden stool she appropriated after a cardboard box proved too flimsy.

In its fifth annual series of free summer park performances, the company is performing All's Well That Ends Well.  Their opening scene is not the traditional one.  The company added it as part of a revision of the work, trimmed to run just two hours.  "Ours is an eye-oriented society, not ear-oriented," artistic director Deborah Wright Houston said.  "We try to keep it moving."  Houston said that such revision "is making Shakespeare live.  He's not pickled, you know."  Houston said the company does strive to maintain the intimacy of the Elizabethan theater.  "Classical theater has gotten blown way out of proportion.  You either mike, or you scream.  Both are atrocious."  Most of the company's performances will be in small venues.

"I'd like people to come from all over the country to see Shakespeare in Brooklyn," Houston said.  "There's so much richness in Shakespeare for me it's like eating chocolate mousse."

— Craig A. Bloom
New York Newsday



Countess of Rousillion

Deborah Wright Houston*


Michael Steuber*


Chuck Stanley*


Brenda Lynn Bynum*


Emilio del Pozo*


Christopher Merrill*

King of France

James Jenner*

The Brothers Dumaine

Anthony Piazza*
Leland Gantt*


David J. Goewey

A Widow of Forence

Kathryn Gay Wilson*


Renée Bucciarelli


Rhianna Waters*

The Interpreter

Kim Ivan Motter*

Lords, Ladies, Servants & Soldiers

Polo Canepa Lucie Chin
Tony Howarth Peter Judd
Christopher Merrill* Kim Ivan Motter*
Deborah Parker Jonathan Reichbach
Rhianna Waters*
*Member of Actors' Equity Association (AEA)

The Musicians' Gallery

Various Instruments Sandra Goodman
Winds Wayne Hankin
Lute & Winds Grant Herreid
Winds & Cornett Aaron Smith
Winds, Sackbutt & Drum Tom Zajac


Stage Manager

Amy A.C. Coombs*

Assistant Stage Manager Gena Jefferson

Technical Director

Steve Zimmer

Set Designer Arnold Zimmer
Scenic Artists Jancy Hussar, Lucie Chin
Company Manager Deborah Parker

Lighting Designer

Deborah Parker

Voice/Verse Consultant
& Musical Director

Sandy Goodman

Costume Designers Oleksa, Liz Shipman
Deborah Wright Houston
Costume Mistresses Mary Elizabeth Langevin
Terri Murray
Choreographer Liz Shipman
Press Representative Deborah L. Gardner
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