Shakespeare for Everyone


Prospect Park

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by Susan B. Reinhard with David S. Macy
conceived & directed by David S. Macy




The Cheshire Cat

Celia Braxton*

The Dormouse

Agnes Anne Fliss

The Red Queen

Karen Eterovich

The Mad Hatter

Patricia Sones*

The White Rabbit

Ben Jacobs


Mia Tuttavila

The Caterpillar

Wm. Charles Mitchell

The Duchess

Leah POsey*

The March Hare

Karen Eterovich

Humpty Dumpty

Lynn Marie Booth

The Walrus

Ben Jacobs

The Carpenter

Wm. Charles Mitchell

The Queen of Hearts

Lynn Marie Booth

The King of Hearts Celia Braxton*

The White Queen

Agness Anne Fliss

*Member of Actors' Equity Association (AEA)


Assistant Director Todd Germain
Stage Manager/
Properties Manager
Lucie Chin

Assistant Stage Manager

Limor Matz

Company Manager Deborah Parker

Voice/Verse Consultant

Sandy Goodman

Costume Designer The Company
Press Representative Deborah L. Gardner
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